Scientist Types

HHMI Investigators

Investigators are "trail blazers" who tackle difficult research questions that may take years to answer. Competitively selected, Investigators receive renewable seven-year appointments as HHMI employees, with generous and flexible funding for salary, lab staff, and equipment at their host institutions, where they remain working alongside their non-HHMI peers.

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Janelia Group Leaders

Group Leaders are independent scientists who direct a team of researchers at HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia. Group Leaders have five-year renewable appointments (no tenure) with all salaries, benefits, and research funding – including all research and support staff – provided by HHMI.

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Hanna Gray Fellows

Hanna Gray Fellows are early career scientists with strong potential to become scientific leaders. These researchers are from gender, racial, ethnic, disadvantaged and other groups underrepresented in the biomedical sciences. They receive grant funding, mentoring, and community-building from HHMI.

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Faculty Scholars

Faculty Scholars are scientists with four to ten years of experience post-training with potential to make groundbreaking contributions to the life sciences. Offered in partnership with the Gates and Simons Foundations, the grant program provides funding and other resources to support the scholars through a critical career window.

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International Research Scholars

International Research Scholars are early career scientists who receive five years of significant grant support. Scholars have run their own labs for less than seven years, and work in one of the eligible countries.

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HHMI Professors

HHMI Professors are top scientists who purposefully bring hands-on research and rigor into their undergraduate science teaching. Professors receive a five-year grant from HHMI and becomes a permanent member of HHMI’s community.

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